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Featured articles are articles that are specially good. As such, they get to be presented on the main page! Every time the main page is loaded, it randomly chooses one of the featured articles and displays a brief introduction about it on a neat little section.

The short description is stored inside other pages. These are sub-pages of the one you're currently watching. To access them, type in front of the current url: /1 or /2 or other numbers to access whatever page you wish. For a list of articles that have been featured, check out Category:Featured articles.

Featured articles contain Template:Featured in them. If you see an article that has been featured, but doesn't contain this template; or the other way around, contact one of the administrators or correct it yourself, provided the administrators haven't blocked interactions with featured articles.


If you see an article that looks like it could be featured, add it to this Talk Page. The administrators will then take a look and create a short description of it, in case it's good enough to be featured. Soon after, a new article will be featured.

Note that currently, all users are free to edit the main page and add features, but if this gets abused, this will be an admin-only function. Whether you want to add a feature yourself or not, discuss its request on the talk page.


Seeing as the sub-pages are identified by numbers, it may be a bit hard to know which is which. So, you can consult the following list: