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Pickup is the name given to the crates, barrels, etc. that contain powerups or explosives. In Carmageddon II, the crates haven't been 100% checked, so sometimes, one can find a powerup of one type on a pickup of another type. This can be specially noticed with extra and bonus APO slots.


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Oxygen Cylinders with a white circle commonly contain underwater ability.
Oxygen Cylinders with a white question mark.
Green Oil Drums with a black circle usually contain credits.
Green Oil Drums with a black question mark.
Red Oil Drums with a white circle.
Red Oil Drums with a white question mark.
Yellow Oil Drums with a white circle.
Yellow Oil Drums with a white question mark.
Stacks of tires with a white circle. These mainly consist of Turbos and Mega Turbos.
Stacks of tires with a white question mark.

Carmageddon II

There are 8 types of pickups in Carma2: 4 cubic crates, and 4 cylinder barrels.

Yellow crates with a white star commonly contain extra credits, extra time and underwater ability.
Red crates with a white angry face normally contain pedestrian related powerups, like the pedestrian electro-bastard ray, and fat bastards.
Green crates with a white question mark either give a random powerup - from predetermined groups - or a big amount of credits.
Yellow crates with a white exclamation mark usually give a bad powerup, like Lunar gravity or jelly suspension.
Yellow barrels with a white check normally have items inside, like the afterburner, but can also contain an instant handbrake.
Grey trash cans with a white and red star usually contain powerups that relate to brutality and force, like solid granite car. Sometimes they contain brute items like the mine shitting ability.
Dark barrels with a white and red star don't contain specific powerups, and are sort of random, but most of the time, they feature powerups that don't fit in other categories. Sometimes, they have some slightly bad powerups like pinball mode.
Red barrels with a black skull and crossbones are commonly mines and as such explode when touched.
In order: extra armour; extra power; extra offensive; extra everything.
  • APO pickups give an extra armour, power or offensive point or slot, and sometimes, it's something that increases all three of them.
    • As for points, yellow give one point, and silver give two.
    • For slots, yellow (bonus) give three, and blue (extra) give one slot.

Carmageddon TDR 2000

Single Player

Wod of Cash provides a credits bonus.
Blue Stopwatch gifts the player a time bonus.
Pedestrian Warning Sign activates a ped-based powerup.
Question Mark Token.
Red Spanner provides a power-up which modifies the car such as Turbo (or one of its relatives). This category includes user-activated power-ups.


Eagle Emblem.
Extra APO - Power.
Extra APO - Armour.
Extra APO - Offensive.

Carmageddon 64

The pickups are the same as in Carmageddon II. See above.

Carmageddon (PlayStation)

Pickups are a multitude of barrels, similar to the original Carmageddons. Their coloring is strange - They are gray barrels with colored shading. Each one has XX?XX inscribed on it.

Blue barrels
Red barrels
Yellow barrels
Black barrels with a skull and crossbones are mines, exploding when touched. They also appear as crates.

Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)

Main article: Power Ups in Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)

The pickups generally have the same appearance as the powerups' icons.

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