Orlando Gassim

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Carmageddon: TDR 2000



Top speed
Kerb weight
0-60 MPH

"Silent but deadly"


  • This mysterious vehicle is unlocked after the game is completed. It has no stats, no cost, and barely even has a body!
    • The driver has no clothes either.
  • This vehicle makes very unusual sounds when driven, the sounds change pitch as if they were the engine.
  • The meaning of the driver's name is made clear by the short name: Orgasm.
    • Strangely, the driver is clearly a woman, but the name fits more to a man.
  • "Silent but deadly" = a fart joke.
  • The single steering wheel in front makes it painfully easy to pin yourself in the rail or a tunnel wall. Drive carefully.
  • Putting the nudity of the driver and the obvious reference to the word "orgasm" attached to their name into account, the shape of the vehicle is seemingly meant to be obviously phallic, with the front of the car being the penis and two back wheels being the testicles.
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