Tres Hombres

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Carmageddon TDR 2000 vehicle
Tres Hombres
Car Descriptor order 23
Network availability novelty

Driver Billy, Bob, Billy-Bob
Driver's short name B3
Race number no number
Top speed 186 mph
Kerb weight 2.3 tons
0 - 60 mph in 5.5 seconds
Cost 250000 credits
"She got legs... and she gonna lose them..."

Tres Hombres is one of the 50 original cars from Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It first appears in Hollowood, being one of the first vehicles the player encounters in the game.


Atop those monster truck wheels lies what appears to be a pickup version of a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada, even though no pickup version of this vehicle was ever made in reality.


While it is a bit expensive in the area it appears in, it is worth buying in order to waste vehicles early on. Although it also has the tendency to drive over certain cars like the Electric Blue and the McKilem. When fully upgraded, Tres Hombres has a top speed of 267mph[1].


The drivers, named "Billy, Bob, Billy-Bob" in the files, have their design taken directly from the ZZ Top band. However, only one of them had a name from the ones seen in the files, and that is the vocalist-guitarist Billy Gibbons, which is the rightmost member and the one actually on the wheel. The other two are based on bassist Dusty Hill (leftmost), and drummer Frank Beard (centre).


  • Tres Hombres was the name of a 1973 album by ZZ Top. 'Tres Hombres' is Spanish for 'Three Men', and the three men in the vehicle look just like them.
  • There are several vehicles in the Carmageddon series that have 2 occupants; this is the only vehicle to have three.
  • Tres Hombres' file name is "Mighty_Muff".
  • Tres Hombres' textures are named"BigFoot".
  • ZZ Top's song Legs starts with the line "She's got legs, she knows how to use them.".
  • Tres Hombres uses the same texture UV base as two drone cars named "Bravada" and "Bronko". It is possible that the truck was created by using the Bravada drone.
  • An interview featuring one of the game's 3D artists (David Biggs), has him mention that the scrapped monster truck with the body shape of the Tow Meister eventually evolved into Tres Hombres. The interview was posted on the Driven To Destruction fan-site[2].
  • Inside the files for Tres Hombres there is an info .txt file for an earlier iteration of the vehicle:
    • NAME "Mighty_Muff"
    • DESCRIPTION "Top Speed: 200mph
    • Kerb weight: 2500Kgs
    • 0-60mph: 3.4 seconds
    • I've got the six, give me your nine!"
    • DESCRIPTOR "Mighty_Muffdescriptor.txt"
    • DRIVER_NAME "Hombre"
    • STRENGTH 5
    • COST 50 // in thousands!
    • TYPE 1 // 0 = eagle, 1 = normal, 2 = novelty
    • //ARMOUR_MAP "eagle_armoured"


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