The Vulture

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Carmageddon TDR 2000 vehicle
The Vulture
Car Descriptor order 41
Network availability normal

Driver Cameron Carrion
Driver's short name Bird
Race number 34½
Top speed 201 mph
Kerb weight 1.6 tons
0 - 60 mph in 3.4 seconds
Cost 829000 credits
"I'm never more dangerous than when you're dead."

The Vulture is one of the 50 original cars from Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It first appears in HiRise, being encountered halfway through the game.


It is a purple coupe with the underside of its grill missing, being replaced with a giant rotating saw. It has the number 34½ on its sides, and a livery which features a vulture eating a carcass.


While this vehicle is tad too expensive for the area it appears in, it has good acceleration when fully upgraded. However, the Top Speed ends up being a low 207mph. It is similar to the Femme Fatal in many ways, but slightly better[1].


The driver, named "Cameron Carrion" in the files, is hard to notice due to the tinted glass. The left half of his face and his chest are completely mechanical. Blue-tinted glasses can be seen in the right side of his face, and what appears to be makeup on his eye as well. He wears a blue coat and blue pants.


  • As the unused driver quote suggests, Vultures mostly eat dead animals... which are called Carrion.
  • The Vulture is one of the vehicles featured in the game's demo. The car was colored blue, and the driver had a completely different design, as seen in the early texture from the gallery below.
  • Inside the files for the Vulture there is an info .txt file for an earlier iteration of the vehicle, which is also used in the demo:
    • DESCRIPTION "Top Speed: 220mph
    • Kerb weight: 1600Kgs
    • 0-60mph: 3.4 seconds
    • I am the god of vulting, bend before me"
    • DESCRIPTOR "Vulturedescriptor.txt"
    • STRENGTH 5
    • COST 50 // in thousands!
    • TYPE 2 // 0 = eagle, 1 = normal, 2 = novelty
    • //ARMOUR_MAP "eagle_armoured"



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