The Green Hammer

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Carmageddon TDR 2000 vehicle
The Green Hammer
Car Descriptor order 15
Network availability normal

Driver Thor Ironhammer
Driver's short name Thor
Race number no number
Top speed 230 mph
Kerb weight 1.6 tons
0 - 60 mph in 4.8 seconds
Cost 420000 credits
"I am the hammer, you are the anvil."

The Green Hammer is one of the 50 original cars from Carmageddon: TDR 2000. It first appears in the Slums, being part of the second batch of vehicles the player encounters in the game.


It is a green truck appearing to be a 1989 Toyota Hilux, with hammer and lightning designs throughout its body. The 'hammer' mentioned in the vehicle's name is actually a small pile driver, which goes up and down in the car's grill.


Despite the weapon on its front, it is useless as the vehicle is light and doesn't hit very hard. Fully upgraded, its top speed reaches 235mph, with the only decent thing about it being its acceleration. It also costs a ton of credits when there are better options in the same tier of opponents[1].


The driver, named "Thor Ironhammer" in the files, appears to be a green mutant with seemingly no clothes. It's unknown how the name is related to this design.


  • The Green Hammer's file name is "GreenCusher". That is also the vehicle's name in the demo.
  • The truck is exactly the same as TNT but grungier. Surprisingly, despite being modified with some offensive capability and looking tougher, it's inferior to its cleaner twin.
    • Viper also appears to have been made with TNT as a base.
  • Green Hammer is a song by speed-metal/grindcore band Seven Minutes Of Nausea, released the same year as the game.
  • The driver's name points to the Norse Thunder God Thor, and his weapon of choice, Mjǫllnir.
  • The Green Hammer is one of the vehicles featured in the game's demo. No noticeable differences can be seen on it.
  • Inside the files for the Green Hammer there is an info .txt file for an earlier iteration of the vehicle, with some elements taken from an earlier version of TNT:
    • NAME "GreenCusher"
    • DESCRIPTION "Top Speed: 210mph
    • Kerb weight: 1600 Kgs
    • 0-60mph: 3.4 seconds
    • I'll blow you daughters any way you want"
    • DESCRIPTOR "GreenCusherdescriptor.txt"
    • DRIVER_NAME "John Carnage"
    • STRENGTH 5
    • COST 50 // in thousands!
    • TYPE 2 // 0 = eagle, 1 = normal, 2 = novelty
    • //ARMOUR_MAP "eagle_armoured"



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