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A Stealworthy vehicle is one that can be added to the player's collection before the end of the game. This gameplay mechanic features in the first Carmageddon game and the Splat Pack.

In those games, vehicles can't be bought for credits: they have to be unlocked. When the player wastes an opponent with a "stealworthy" vehicle while on the correct rank, there's a chance that their vehicle will fly upwards into the air, and the message "Car added to change car list" will flash on-screen. This means that the car has been added to the player's garage, and can be selected for use between races.

In the original game, the Suppressor is the only vehicle with a 100% chance to be stolen upon its destruction, but the minimum rank requisite must still be met. In the Android and iOS version, all stealworthy vehicles have a 100% chance of being stolen once the rank requirement is met.

The player must waste the opponent themselves in order for it to count. This means they can't be pushed off instant-wastage cliffs or into mines. It should also be noted that it's possible to steal more than one car per race.


Example of the CHEAT! banner.

All of the cars in the game(s) are unlocked for use upon its completion. Those which are not stealworthy have a yellow banner over them, labelled 'CHEAT!'. In the original game, these vehicles also use the Red Eagle's interior and damage indicator. Cars which are stealworthy, but were not already stolen during the course of the game, appear without this banner and can still be stolen in later races, despite already being available to the player.

Not all cars can be stolen: This is determined by an attribute in the file for each vehicle. This attribute is labelled 'stealworthy', hence the name.

List of stealworthy vehicles

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The following is a list of vehicles that can be stolen without changing the game's files. The minimum rank necessary means that the player must be in this rank or lower.


Rank Vehicle
89 Annihilator
Tashita Coupe
Grunge Buster
55 The Twister
The Bear
38 Caddy Fat Cat
21 The Plow
9 The Suppressor

Carmageddon Splat Pack

Carmageddon (Funsize)

Rank Vehicle
95 Road Bratt
90 Annihilator
85 Streeteater
80 Countslash
75 Grunge Buster
70 Fearari F666
65 Tashita Coupe
60 Merciless Cullwing
55 Stiffshifter
50 Cleaver
45 The Twister
40 Volkswerker
35 The Bear
30 Hevy Impaler
25 Leadpumper
20 Fraud Broko
15 Lumberer
10 Towmeister
9 The Suppressor
5 The Plow

Changing the attribute

Any car can be stealworthy if the player alters the games' files, after decrypting them with the IWANTTOFIDDLE cheat code. In the DATA/CARS folder one can open a vehicle's file and search for the line that says: Not stealworthy and change it to Stealworthy.

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