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Psycho Pitbull is a recurring character in the Carmageddon-series. He is usually portrayed by a Stainless Games co-founder Neil "N0bby" Barnden. He is one of the few characters that appeared in all games made by Stainless.

Psycho Pitbull started as a man with a dog collar. Later entries up-plays his love of dogs and Psycho has adapted more dog related decorations.

He is one of the few character's presumed to own pets.

Carmageddon & Splat Pack

"Like a rabid scrapyard dog, he’ll come baying for your blood and your engine oil. If he catches you... it’s hamburger time."


Carmageddon 2

Psycho Pitbull in Carmageddon 2 is a black clad blonde man with neck collar and chains around his chest. His sole appearance in the Carmageddon 2 is in a mission Trucking Hell.


Carmageddon: Reincarnation

This iteration of Psycho Pitbull is a muscular middle aged man wearing loads of a dog related gear. He also has dog tattoo. Reincarnation's Psycho Pitbull was based directly of Neil Barnden, with some liberties on torso and arms. Photo-bashing was done by Doug Telford.


Carmageddon: Crashers

Carmageddon: Crasher's Psycho Pitbull is identical to Reincarnation one. This entry also shows submissive side of Psycho in a wreckscreen. Crashers also expands lore by giving him a custom shop called Rusty Dog Customs.



  • While Psycho Pitbull is usually driving Towmeister, in a TDR 2000 his car is driven by a Hugh Jorgen and in a Carmageddon (PS1) by a Pitbull.
  • Pitbull owns a Weimaraner dog named Lily, and loves it very much - there are two photos and one drawing of her in the Towmeister's cabin.
    • As this is a genuine photograph, the dog could be the pet of a former Stainless Software employee. It is most likely Nobby, who was the Lead Artist on Carmageddon: You could see pictures of a similar looking dog (called Lotte) on His old website.


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