Military Zone

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Military Zone
The location's map.
Levels Full Metal Gasket
Fire Control
Fire When Ready
Missions Let's Go to Work
Duel in the Arena
Tanks a Lot

The Military Zone (Military for short) is the fifth location in Carmageddon: TDR 2000.


This area is a military base, built in a long wide valley. Roads snake between the various landmarks, at points crossing the river full of naval mines.

There are two large open forts in the mid-East and mid-West, each filled with smaller buildings and featuring an upper walkway.

In the far West there is a small Communications base at the top of a hill, with a spiral road to reach it. Also in the West are two entrances to a large underground base, inside the mountain. It has several rooms, large and small, with levels.

On top of the hill in the West is the Barracks.

In the South is a large building, used as an arena in the second area mission. It has multiple levels and sloped walls inside, making it a bit tricky to drive around.

On the North cliff-face is the Dam, which can be driven across. To the right of the dam is the area exit - a large golden door. The player blasts it open in Tanks a Lot to escape.

Military convoys (drones) drive around the area, and Spitfire-like fighter planes fly around overhead.


  • The radar map has a grid and co-ordinates on it, but the numerical values double up at the bottom, so they cannot be used accurately.


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