MagnaChem Abandoned Ice Station

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MagnaChem Abandoned Ice Station
The location's map.
Levels Icing on the Quake
Winter Spurts

MagnaChem Abandoned Ice Station is a location in Carmageddon Splat Pack. The player first encounters it at rank 99, as one of three levels unlocked at the start of the game.

Carmageddon Splat Pack

A snow and ice level, the station has a series of platforms that vary in size, connected by pathways. There are barrels, frozen figures, blocks of ice, cranes, and a cave or two. All of this is held up by large pillars, high over a frozen lake. There are three giant ramps to allow travel between the two levels. The lake is bordered by more snow-covered land, which gives way to an icy sea in the west. The pedestrians wear bright winter clothing.


  • The many statues dotted around the station are men frozen in ice, "warriors of a long defunct clan". They are in fact the player model (Ranger) from id Software's Quake.
  • An early version of this map is included in the first game under ZEBRA.TXT. It is playable by editing the RACES.TXT.
    • This older version has no accessories, but some pedestrians mostly for testing. It does however, not have any checkpoints (Which'd mean Wreck or Wreak Havoc only) or any platforms to go down to the (almost) neverending ice and back up.

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