Cloaking Device

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Cloaking Device
A screenshot of the powerup in action.
Carmageddon II's Cloaking Device powerup icon. Carmageddon 64's Cloaking Device powerup icon.
A powerup in Carma2, Carma64
Type Misc.
Use Timed
Amount 30 seconds

To Do: This is used in multiplayer games in C2. Get details.
Care to do so?

The Cloaking Device is a powerup in Carmageddon II and 64 , which grants some credits if the game isn't in Multiplayer. The possessor becomes invisible/translucent.

Carmageddon II

To obtain it with cheats, press Caps+Shift+7 when in cheat mode or type GOTOINFRARED.

Technical data

Code number 97
Icon cloak
Fizzle type 1
Action index 54
Float parameters none
Integer parameters none
Group inclusion 4096
Pratcam sequence 40
Flags (?) none

Carmageddon 64

Known as Invisibility, the powerup makes the player's car translucent for 20 seconds. Zombies and pedestrians do not notice the car [confirmation needed].

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