Carmageddon 4 Ever

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Carmageddon 4 Ever

Main menu
Developer(s) Atod AB.
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive Limited
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Genre(s) Vehicular combat
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Players 1 - (unknown) players
Media UMD

Carmageddon 4 Ever was a game that was going to be released on the PlayStation Portable. The game was first discovered when one of the old developers, Nil Pederson, posted renders of the vehicles on Behance.[1] It was to be developed by Atod AB. and published by Eidos Interactive Limited. According to a comment left on Reddit post from one of the developers, the game was cancelled because the sales of the PSP went down at the time.[2] The available in-game screenshots are from February 2007.


Not much is known about the game. What is known is that, similarly to the mobile Carmageddon game, the player was able to select from a number of drivers in addition to choosing a car. Each driver would have their own strengths, which would likely affect the overall performance of the chosen vehicle. Die Anna, for example, had the strength of "Faster Acceleration".


These are the known characters that were created for this game.


The known cars from this game are listed below, with the skins that are known to exist for them next to their names. Vehicles with unknown names will be marked with a (*).

  • Yellow Hawk (possibly also Red Eagle) - #5 White, #23 Orange (Yellow Hawk), #80 Red, Trident
  • Swamp Thing - #5 White, #14 Grey, #14 Orange, #14 Red, Wavy
  • Tailfin car* - #5 White, #23 Orange, #80 Red, #600(?) Red w/ flames, #666 Red
  • Bugatti* - #5 White, #23 Orange, #80 Red, Trident, Wavy
  • Stunt car*
  • Futuristic car*
  • Green sedan*
  • SUV*
  • Big Dump(?)*
  • Burger Kong car* (concept art)
  • Pickup* (concept art)
  • IndyCar* (concept art)
  • Motorcycle* (concept art)


  • The model for the Yellow Hawk was reused for another Atod AB. game titled Fastlane Street Racing, released for the iPhone. In that game, the car was rebranded as "Estalon 400".[3]
  • A texture containing an early version of the main menu from the game was found within the files of Wacky: Races: Crash & Dash for the Nintendo Wii, made by the same developers.


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