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For the 2013 entry in the Carmageddon series, see Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

Carmageddon 4 was being developed under the Eidos banner for PC, Xbox and Playstation 2[1]. It was postponed indefinitely in 2005.


A financial report in 2003 revealed that Carmageddon 4 was in development. The developers were revealed to be Visual Science, who were also working on the Gizmondo's Carmageddon TV. The publishers were confirmed as Take-Two's newly formed 2K Games[2] (although the same article named the developers as SCi).

Little to no news was released about the game until late 2005, when publishers SCi put development on hold for unspecified reasons.[3] The game had been canned, as no new press releases or information have surfaced since its postponement, and Eidos PLC moved on to focus on other projects.


No screenshots or videos were released, and no game assets have been leaked. The scant information that was released has been kept safe by Carmageddon fan sites and discussion boards [4], but the majority of discussions about it are pure speculation.


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