Blood on the Rooftops

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Carmageddon level
Blood on the Rooftops
The level's map.
Location Bleak City Outskirts
Rank 9
Time 1:00
Opponents 5
Laps 10
Lap length 4.4 miles
Checkpoints 5
Peds 544
Cops 10

Blood on the Rooftops is the 33rd level in Carmageddon, unlocked at Rank 9. It is the only level featuring the Suppressor.


The word is, the cops are using their new top of the range APC in this area of the city. It's virtually indestructible. If only there was a way to get hold of it...

The Suppressor

  • The "Supercop" Suppressor lies in wait on the rooftop of one particular building; the course goes through this building and onto the roof just after checkpoint 4. The big bruiser is flanked by two regular Squad Cars. Sometimes it will get spooked and drive off the roof before the player gets there. It can take a huge battering, but it's not invincible: Once destroyed it is guaranteed to be stolen and added to the player's garage.

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